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Major Program Data



  • Affordable Housing: Revitalizing communities and providing safe, stable housing that Coloradans can afford

  • Behavioral & Mental Health: Ensuring Coloradans have accessible, high quality care to address the impacts of the pandemic on behavioral and mental health

  • Broadband: Laying the infrastructure needed to provide broadband across the state

  • Capacity to Serve Coloradans: Investing in transportation and state facility infrastructure; customer service improvements; IT system enhancements; program evaluations; and oversight so our state systems can deliver needed services more efficiently and effectively

  • Economic Recovery & Resilience: Investing in the success of critical industries and the recovery from the effects of COVID and resiliency of Colorado‚Äôs businesses and environment

  • Education: Support for schools, teachers, and other staff in their response to the pandemic and its effects (in addition to funding provided directly to school districts from the Federal Government)

  • Public Health & Safety: Continuing our response to the pandemic; helping vulnerable populations remain healthy through basic needs for food, shelter, safety, and support; as well as supporting victim recovery

  • Reducing Homelessness: Supporting those that are unhoused by partnering with local governments to fund immediate and long-term support networks and facility construction

  • Workforce: Supporting development of in-demand skills and connecting Coloradans to quality employment opportunities