Please visit the Dept. of Local Affairs for available funding opportunities.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


This FAQ is designed to inform stakeholders of the next steps regarding fund availability, provide contact information for program managers, and offer broad guidance about the legislation passed during the 2022 Session.

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Can you provide any insight on the next steps for the approval process (for Regional Transformational Projects)?

Governor Polis signed bills through June 10, making legislation official and authorizing the transfer of funds. Each agency/division/department tasked with administering a program will be responsible for implementing their own process for accepting and reviewing applications. 

For a list of programs that will be accepting grant applications, see below. (Please note, this list is subject to change.)

When will I or the group that I am a part of be able to apply?

We anticipate that most programs will begin accepting formal applications for funding in Fall 2022. To stay up to date on the formal application process, visit the Department of Local Affairs Local Government Funding Guide.

What will the application process look like? 

Each agency and division will determine the process for a particular program. Some information is available regarding what criteria will be required via the legislation that established the program. Agencies will provide additional information on their websites as it becomes available; please look at the Department of Local Affairs, Department of Human Services, and the Office of Economic Development & International Trade for more detail. Please also make sure that you’re subscribed to the Colorado Resiliency Office newsletter for updates on all community funding opportunities coming down the pipeline. Sign up to receive the CRO newsletter.

When will money be distributed to those that are selected?

We anticipate that funding will begin being distributed in early 2023.

Is there a match requirement for the community in which the project is being built?

Yes, for most of the programs, a minimum of a 25% match will be required. This can be comprised of any of the following:

-Land contribution (including a recent assessment)

-City/County dollars (including ARPA) 

-Private donations


Is there a deadline to use the funds?

Funds must be obligated by December 31, 2024, and unexpended funds are not subject to recapture or return until December 31, 2026. Some programs may have earlier deadlines for obligating and expending funds as defined in State statute.

What will the reporting requirements for the funds look like? 

Please visit the Office of the State Controller’s website for more information on what reporting guidelines apply for this funding.

Is this a one-time funding?


Will the application questions and deadlines for each program be complimentary?

While it is our goal to make the application process as seamless as possible for applicants, each agency will be responsible for their own program development and procurement process.

Does the local government (city/county) need to be the fiscal agent? 

Not necessarily, in many cases, a non-profit agency or business can be the fiscal agent. Please review the specific legislation (linked) for more detail.

How can I stay updated on all recovery funding opportunities and program development?
Monthly Meetings: 

1. Local Government Peer Exchange Meeting: First Thursday of the month at 12:30pm   Register Here

2. “Pathways to Recovery & Resiliency Funding” series: Will help local govt navigate recovery funding opportunities. 
3rd Wednesday of each month at 11am  
Recovery & Resiliency Call Registration Link

3. Housing Colorado Outreach Events 
The Division of Housing (DOH), Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA), and Housing Colorado will be presenting six outreach events statewide in June and July 2022. Topics will include current and new funding programs. DOH will be soliciting stakeholder input for the new Housing Development Grants and Loans, Mobile Home programs, and Homelessness programs at each of these events. Register for an event near you.


4. Division of Housing Newsletter - Subscribe to the DOH Newsletter. Funding information and regular updates are provided in this newsletter. Subscribe here.

5. Division of Local Government Newsletter - Includes information on funding, programs, and more pertinent to local governments. Subscribe by emailing Traci Stoffel at 

6. Colorado Resiliency Office Newsletter - Information on resiliency planning and implementation, community story-telling, recovery & resiliency funding updates, and events. Subscribe here.

7. Community Development Office Newsletter - Subscribe here.

If I have additional questions, who do I contact?

Affordable Housing- Andrew Paredes, Office of Housing Finance and Sustainability

Homelessness- Kristin Toombs, Office of Homeless Initiatives

Behavioral Health- Ryan Templeton, Division Director of Policy & External Affairs

Workforce and Student Success- Caitlin Adams, Department of Vocational Rehabilitation

General Questions- Alyssa Dinberg, Local Government Recovery Officer